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PayHalal for Easy Digital Downloads

PayHalal Configuration

Setup of Payhalal gateway with Easy Digital Downloads is pretty simple and straightforward with Smartpay PayHalal for EDD plugin. Make sure you have installed the plugin and activated it.

In your WP admin, go to Downloads > Settings > payment. Check the PayHalal from the payment gateway options. You may also check the gateway icon from the Payment Method Icons section if you would like to show the payment icon on the checkout page. After checking, click on Save Changes to save the PayHalal settings.

Next, click on PayHalal from the sub-tab of the Payments tab. You will get the configuration of your payment gateway under the PayHalal gateway Settings.

Test Mode

While you are not on the live server means you are testing the payment then check the tick mark on the test mode. This will allow the to test whether your transaction completely works or not.


Test Keys

To function properly you will need to enter the credentials from the PayHalal account dashboard.

Go to PayHalal account dashboard > Developer Tools. Then, you will need to create a Create New API if you do not create it yet by clicking on Create New API. On the below picture of the creation of API, fill up the fields to create your new API. 

For the Application Name, you can give any name of your API, this could be your business name. Website / URL input your website URL. For the Success URL set the `http://yoursite.com/checkout/purchase-confirmation` by replacing ‘yousite.com’ with your site name. You will get this URL from the EDD PayHalal configuration settings named EDD success Page URL

If you have already created you are good to go ahead. Click the Edit link from the Developer Tools and setup as we have already done this. Follow the below image to complete your configuration that will be needed to work with PayHalal for the EDD plugin.

Done. All the settings are configured now. You can now get the payments from the PayHalal

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