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Additional Charge & Billing Cycle

Additional Charge: Additional charge can be added while you are going to set up your recurring payments with subscription basis. When you need to charge additional amount from the customer while completing the payment, then it will be necessary to add additional amount while you are set up your form or product. It can be named as additional charge, setup fee, extra amount etc. As an example: you have a subscription product with price $30, but you will need to charge setup fee of amount $15 for the one time only, and you do not want to charge for every time.

Total billing cycle: Number of billing cycles you would like to charge. For the previous version of WPSmartPay, when you initialize a subscription product, you will not set up how many times your customer will be charged, you will need to cancel the subscription from the payment gateway provider account. Total billing cycle will help you this time. Now you can set up how many times your customer will be charged. It will be very helpful for who are selling monthly basis or weekly basis courses, they will need to charge the customers for the specific time.

 On your form amount section, when you select the billing type to Subscription, then you will get to additional option one is Addition charge/Signup fee/Setup fee refers how much amount you would like to charge from the customer in addition along with recurring amount. Another one is Total count that means how many times you would like to charge from the customer.  If you do not set these two options, just leave it blank.

After setting up your form and preview the form, you will see an additional charge and total count as billed on amount section.

On the product part: 

Your customer will also get the product additional charge info on the payment modal (see below image). 

[N. B] – Total billing cycle depends on your payment service provider. If they support billing cycle, then you are able to charge the customer for the specific time.

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