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How To Setup Paddle

N.B: The integrations with paddle only available in WP Smartpay pro plugin.

In WordPress admin, go to Smartpay > Integrations. You will find available list of extensions those can be integrated with WP Smartpay. Please Activate the Paddle integration.

How To Setup Paddle 1

Next, In your WordPress admin, go to Smartpay > Settings. Click on Payment Gateways tab. Under the General tab, select Paddle checkbox in payment gateways settings and click on Save Change button to save the settings.

How To Setup Paddle 2

Then you will find Paddle Tab. Click the Paddle tab under Payment Gateways tab settings.

Now login into your paddle account. Go to Developers Tools > Authentication. You will find your vendor id, auth codes

Vendor ID

How To Setup Paddle 3

Auth Code

How To Setup Paddle 4

Bottom of the page you will find the Generate auth code section you need to generate your auth code. After creating your auth code you need to reveal the code and copy the code.

How To Setup Paddle 5
How To Setup Paddle 6

Public Key

In your paddle dashboard, Go to Developer Tools > Public Key

How To Setup Paddle 7

You must copy the complete Public Key including the —–BEGIN PUBLIC KEY—– and —–END PUBLIC KEY—– line.

Now you have vendor id, auth code and public key. Put those in WP Smartpay paddle settings.

How To Setup Paddle 8


Copy the Instant payment notification URL from Paddle settings of WP Smartpay.

How To Setup Paddle 9

Now go to the paddle dashboard. Go to Developer Tools > Alert / Webhooks. Paste the notification URL in the webhook URL input box and enable the webhook checkboxes you need to receive.

How To Setup Paddle 10

Now you are ready to use Paddle as a payment gateway in WP Smartpay.

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