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How to integrate with MailerLite

In WordPress admin, go to Smartpay > Integrations. You will find all the extensions that are available and can be integrated with WPSmartPay.

Please Activate the MailerLite extension. Then go to Smartpay > Settings. If MailerLite extension is enabled then you will find the MailerLite settings tab under the Extension tab.

  1. Click on the Extension tab.
  2. Click on the MailerLite Tab.
  3. Put MailerLite API Key.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button.

After putting MailLite API Key and Clicking on Save changes button, you will get MailerLite Lists.

Select MailerLite Lists where users will be subscribed after successful payment. Click on Save Changes button.

How to get MailerLite API key

At First, login into the MailerLite dashboard.

  1. Click on the User Profile Picture. A Menu will Popup.
  2. Click on the Integration menu.

Then click on the Copy button. Then go to Smartpay > Settings > Extension. Select MailerLite under the Extension tab. Put the copied API key in the API Key input box.

How to select MailerLite Lists per form

First, go to Smartpay > Form. Select a form for edit.

Select Options Tab on the Form Edit page. Under the Form amounts section, you will find the MailerLite Lists section.

Select the lists where users will be subscribed after completing their payment using a selected form.

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