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How to integrate with Zapier

In WordPress admin, go to Smartpay > Integrations. You will find the available list of extensions that can be integrated with WPSmartPay.

Please Activate the Zapier extension. Then go to Smartpay > Settings. If Zapier extension is enabled then you will find Zapier settings tab under Extension tab.

  1. Click on the Extension tab.
  2. Select Zapier Tab.
  3. Put Zapier webhook URL.
  4. Enable webhook requests for both product and form. ( you can enable/disable webhook request for form individually )
  5. Click on Save Changes button.

Now Zapier integration is ready to use.

How to get Zapier Webhook URL

Please log in to zapier.com You will find a dashboard like the below image.

Click on the Make A Zap button. You will get Zapier event related page like the below image.

After selecting Webhooks by Zapier event. you will find Trigger event related search box.

Click on the Catch hook Trigger event. And click on Continue button. After clicking the Continue button you will find Webhook URL.

Click on the Copy button to copy the webhook URL. Then go to Smartpay > Settings > Extension. Paste the copied URL into Zapier settings webhook URL input box

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