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Service Payment Form

In WordPress admin, go to Smartpay > Forms. You will find all the Forms. Click Add New to create a new Service Payment Form.

You will find Gutenberg based form builder. Change the Form Title. Add necessary form fields.

Click onto Options Tabs. You will get Form amount related Fields.

Form Amounts Fields

  1. Label: Set the amount label that you want to show in frontend.
  2. Billing Type: Set the form billing type. Options are One time payment and Subscription payment.
  3. Amount: Set the amount for the payment.
  4. Click on Add New Amount for adding new Amount.

Note: Subscription billing option is only available in Smartpay Pro Plugin

After finalizing Form Fields and Form Amounts, Click Publish Button. You will get Preview Button. Click on Preview Button. This will take you to frontend of that form.

Now you can provide this Form URL to customers and start receiving payments from customers.

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