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Product Configuration

In WordPress admin, go to Smartpay > Products. You will find all the products. Click Add New to create new Product.

Product Configuration 1

Set Product title, Cover Image, Product description and files.

Product Configuration 2

Next, click on Pricing tab.

Available options for product price are given below:

  1. Billing Type: Set Product billing type. Option are One Time and Subscription.
  2. Base Price: Set the base price of a product.
  3. Sales price: Set the sale price of a product.
  4. Variations: If you want to set multiple variation for a product, then click Add Variations button.
Product Configuration 3

Note: Subscription billing option is only available in Smartpay Pro Plugin

Product Variation

  1. Option Name: Name of that variation product.
  2. Billing Type: Billing type of that variation product. Options are One Time and Subscription.
  3. Base Price: Base price of variation product.
  4. Sale price: Set the sale price of a variation product.
  5. Description: Description of that variation product.
  6. Files: Files of that variation product a customer will get after purchasing.
  7. Add Option: If you want to add more variation, then click Add option button.
Product Configuration 4

After giving all the information of a product, click Publish button. Then you will find Preview button. Click on Preview Button. This will take you to frontend of that product.

Product Configuration 5

Now you can provide this Product URL to customer and start receiving payments from customer.

Product Example

Simple Product Backend

Product Configuration 6
Product Configuration 7

Simple product frontend

Product Configuration 8

Product variations with recurring payments backend

Product Configuration 9

Product variations with recurring payments frontend

Product Configuration 10

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