The Most effortless way to

Sell Your Digital Product Effortlessly

Offer your users a robust and functional checkout experience—no need to use any complicated shopping cart software anymore. WP SmartPay includes everything that you need to sell your products and services online.

Sell an eBook

Easily sell an eBook, upload your preferred file format and deliver to your buyer’s inbox automatically. Also, set the product price, one-time or recurring sale option with a product cover.

Sell Digital Product 1
Sell Digital Product 2

Sell an Album

Sell an album or a single track to your fans within no time. Let your client enjoy instant access to a demo track, a new single, or an entire album with the ultimate pricing option.

Sell Graphical Illustration

Sell digital graphics or graphical illustration instantly and get paid within seconds. Also, set your desire one time or recurring price, set any kind of discounts all in one place.

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Sell Digital Product 4

Sell Premium Games

Sell premium segment games or instant access to a particular online game. Get paid for game bundles, coins, gems, or other game accessories and resources with special discounts.

Sell Photo or Video

Sell your own unique presets for Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro, or any other shareable software template, along with a premium stock photo bundle or course video.

Sell Digital Product 5

Sell Any Kinds of Digital Products

From Software, Plugins, Themes, Templates, Code Scripts, Coaching sell any kind of digital products without having a complicated e-commerce website.
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One Time Product Sale

Make a quick yet easy one-time payment online and pay your bill with ease anytime, anywhere.

Billing Type

Choose your preferred billing type from the dropdown option and proceed for the future course of action.

Set Base and Sale Price

Easily set the minimum base price of the product and the discounted sale price for the customer.

Recurring Product Sale

Allow customers to sign up for recurring payments. Create installment plans, initial setup fees, and trial periods.

Billing Type

Choose your preferred recurring billing type from the dropdown option and proceed for the future action.

Billing Period

Set your preferred installment billing period from the dropdown. It can be a weekly, monthly or yearly billing.

Set Base and Sale Price

Quickly set the minimum base price of the product for weekly, monthly, or yearly billing period separately.

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Sell Digital Product 8

One-click Checkout Process

Forget the traditional cart process and enjoy the One-click Checkout Process of WP SmartPay. Select your product, confirm the Payment Gateway and Click on The Payment Button.

WP SmartPay Core Features that will Help Your Business

Incredibly Affordable & Easy-to-Use

Get the ultimate selling experience with WP SmartPay and give your business a new form. It is robust, functional, and extremely easy to use for one-time or recurring payments.